A Silliness Compendium

It’s been a busy few weeks here at the Abbey. Just when you thought the silliness levels couldn’t get any higher around here, they did!

First, we celebrated Easter:


“Who on earth laid THOSE?”

Then, we indulged our Walter Mitty-esque daydreams:


“Here’s the Smilodon waiting to ambush the giant sloth . . .”

We brought camouflage to a level of performance art:


Which is the ball of yarn, and which is Linus?

We vowed revenge on the stupid human who made us wear this ridiculous piece of protective clothing:


“I know you’re saying it’s to protect my neck from being pecked, but I know humiliation when I see it.”

*(Yes, that is a hand-knitted neck protector. I have officially made my first piece of chicken clothing. She kept it on for all of 5 minutes.)

We learned how to play tether ball with a head of lettuce:


“Heads up, Sally!”

We discovered the best seat in the house:


“Sorry, Shatner. The Starship Enterprise has nothing on this.”

Even the wildlife got in on the act:



Yes, those are deer playing on piles of dirt.

There’s quite a lot to catch you up on: Octopus and other aquarium encounters! Chicken politics! BOBCAT PHOTOS!!!!!! Stay tuned!



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