This Time, We’re Really Back!

Happy 2016, everyone! After way too long of being sick, plus holiday shenanigans, it is back to work here at the Abbey. Here’s a recap of the recent goings-on:

We decorated for the holidays:


“Ooh! Our humans put up this blinky tree full of cat toys just for us!”







We entertained the neighbors:


Nutmeg, meet Sinbad. Sinbad, meet Nutmeg.

We gave speeches:


“If elected, I promise to exclude all humans from public office!”









We snuggled:


Does it get much cuter than a pink tongue and white whiskers?








We molted, and tried hard to hang on to our dignity:


“I may have just one tail feather left,  but I still have my pride!”








And we undecorated after Christmas:


“You’re not taking away the cat toy tree, are you????”








So there you have it, the update as of early January. Coming soon, book reviews! Lessons learned from taming feral cats! Chicken ridiculousness! And maybe some new species to hear from once Coop Mistress’ lungs cooperate and she can get back in the saddle!


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