Distinguished Visiting Kittens! Skeptical But Polite Host Cats!

Sugar peeks out.

Sugar peeks out.

Updates from the Abbey have been quiet of late since there have been many goings-on, one of which was a very important lecture by two eminent felines from Philadephia, Cloud and Sugar, a.k.a. the Distinguished Visiting Kittens. Cloud and Sugar were found, sick, starving, and cold, on a rainy night when they were maybe two weeks old and brought to an animal shelter. DH’s friend is an active volunteer at the shelter and when he took one look at them knew he needed to help. Under his loving care they are on the road to recovery, are growing, and are doing all the things kittens should do: playing until falling over from hunger or exhaustion, climbing stuff,

Cloud enjoys a catnip-scented paper bag.

Cloud enjoys a catnip-scented paper bag.

and being snuggled. Since Cloud in particular still needs regular medication, she and her brother came along for the ride when DH’s friend visited the Abbey. And boy, were these Distinguished Visiting Kittens extra cute.

(NB, the photos of Cloud are a touch gruesome due to an ulceration in her left eye. Both she and Sugar had bad conjunctivitis when they were found and it was unclear whether they would be able to keep their sight. Thanks to DH’s friend, Sugar’s eyes are just fine, as is Cloud’s right eye. When she is large enough to handle

Cloud loves to snuggle on shoulders.

Cloud loves to snuggle on shoulders.

surgery she will have a procedure to have the eye removed, and go on to rock her life like Angelina Jolie’s character in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.)

We weren’t sure how Cookies and Linus would react to some whippersnappers on their turf, even though the kittens were kept in their own room for the duration of their visit. At first, they emanated a decided “We are NOT going to sniff at that room” disdain, and stayed as far away from it as possible (especially when the humans kept disappearing into it and exclaiming “SO CUTE!”). Then, when I emerged with Cloud’s scent on my shirt, there were several full-court presses of draping themselves on my feet and looking at me imploringly: “Don’t you love us anymore, Mom? Aren’t we cute and special too?” So there were lots of reassuring snuggles, pats and treats dispensed throughout the afternoon.

"Wow, they are small! When are they leaving?"

“Wow, they are small! When are they leaving?”

Towards the end of the visit, they worked up the courage to approach the room on their own. Linus played paws under the door with Cloud. Sugar mewed at him from the other side. And then, Cookies came to have a look in at the shenanigans while the door was open. Cloud spotted him and tottered over. Cookies paused at the threshold, as he did when it was Linus’ introduction room. I lifted Cloud and Cookies gave her a thorough but gentle sniff. She regarded him gravely. (Cue music from The Lion King.) I wonder when Cookies last saw a truly tiny kitten. Something tells me he’d make a great adoptive dad.

After the Distinguished Visiting Kittens departed, Linus and Cookies inspected the room: “Are they gone? We know they’re small — they could be hiding anywhere!” More reassuring snuggles and praise for being such good hosts. And since then I haven’t been let out of their sight more than usual, just in case I may still have a kitten somewhere on my person . . .


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