Dramatis Felidae — The Cats Who Came In From the Cold

Don't hate me because I'm adorable.

Mr. Cookies: Don’t hate me because I’m adorable.

Mr. Cookies (Yes, that is Mr. Cookies to you) decided we needed a cat two years ago and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He is Cat-in-Chief; spiritual adviser; babysitter to our younger cat, DH, and DS; official greeter; party host; Chief Purring Officer; and Principal Dog Smacker, among his various titles and positions. You would be hard pressed to find a more awesome cat than Mr. Cookies.

Sure beats under the porch!

Linus: Sure beats hiding under the porch!

Linus joined us a few months ago after hiding under our porch for a year. We fed him, talked to him, and tried to convince him to come into the house, but to no avail. Eventually our powers of persuasion (and the thought of another winter like last year’s, probably) convinced him to come inside. Outside he was shy and retiring. Inside, he is talkative, playful, and super silly. He keeps Cookies young (and drives him crazy sometimes). We’re so glad he’s learning to be a house cat.


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